What Is Liability Protection Homeowner’s Insurance and What Does It Cover?

August 31, 2020

Imagine you are having dinner at your new home, and your friend takes an unfortunate fall down your stairs. No one will expect to be held liable in such incidents, or after an accident at their home. But, if the injury is severe and is accompanied by medical bills, loss of wage due to inability to work, plus other expenses, you may be held responsible. Would your Tampa homeowners insurance pay for it, or would you pay from your pocket?

Such expenses can dig a deep hole in your pocket if you are liable to pay. But, should the unexpected occur, Tampa homeowners insurance liability coverage or liability protection may help prevent you from paying out of pocket. Liability protection for Tampa homeowners insurance is an added coverage that offers protection against claims that are a result of an injury or injuries as well as damage to people and/or property. 

What Does It Cover?

Liability protection homeowners insurance is a comprehensive policy that provides compensation for several things and includes the following:

Legal Cost

An incident that happened in your property may result in a lawsuit. A lawsuit means you need a lawyer, and you will be burdened with various costs such as compensation for investigating or defending a lawsuit, police report costs and witness fees, court costs that includes attorneys’ fees, and the settlement or judgment resulting from the lawsuit. Regardless of whether you are responsible for the damage caused in the accident in your home, liability coverage covers your legal expenses. 

Medical Bills for Visitors

Even if your visitor has medical insurance, you are liable to pay for the medical costs that they incur due to the injury caused at your property. You could be held responsible if the injury happened due to your negligence. It also helps pay the cost of a settlement against you for causing pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

If a person injured at your property is unable to go to work, you are held legally liable for the lost wages. In situations like this, liability protection may prevent you from paying out of your pocket.

Pain and Suffering

Lost wages and medical bills are something that every person expects when an accident happens on their premises. But the possibility that you could be held responsible for the pain and suffering caused to the victim is unthinkable. Liability coverage helps you pay for the cost of settlement if you are held legally responsible for the damage. 

Death Benefits

The possibility of a fatal incident at your property and death benefits to the family of the deceased is also included in the liability protection homeowners insurance Tampa

Liability coverage also covers personal liability coverage away from home and pays for the damages that happen when you are away from home if it is a covered loss. There are some exclusions of liability protection homeowners insurance, such as purposefully inflicted injury, which is not covered under this policy. It is suggested that you talk to your insurance provider to better understand what is included and what is not.