What Are the Exclusions of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

August 6, 2020

When you look for homeowners insurance Tampa FL, what are the factors that you consider? Most homeowners consider every aspect that is included in homeowners insurance Tampa, without giving much thought to what is not included. Does that matter? Are Tampa homeowners insurance exclusions something to worry about? 

Whether or not you must worry about the exclusion lies in the fact that you cannot evade a disaster from happening. Here are some of the exclusions of homeowners insurance Tampa Florida that can help you decide whether your need to consider them while insuring your home. 

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Tampa Include Catastrophes?

Almost every homeowners insurance policy throughout the United States covers most catastrophes. Homeowners policies cover just about anything, such as wind damage from tornadoes or even hurricanes, which is covered as windstorm peril. But a standard homeowners policy does not cover damage caused by earthquakes, sinkholes, mudflows, and flood. 

Water Damage

Typically, your insurance will cover the flooding caused by a burst pipe or such incidents that are not preventable. But, in addition to damage caused by flood, your homeowners insurance policy does not cover the water damage caused by sewer system issues such as water backup and sump discharge or overflow. 

Mold Damage

The most common exclusion is damaged caused by mold. Every insurance company sees mold to be a problem that grows over time and is preventable. Mold is preventable and must be taken care of, especially since it can adversely affect your health.

Intentional or Preventable Loss

It should not come as a surprise that insurance providers do not cover damage that was caused intentionally. Insurance providers do not cover preventable damage as well, a good reason to concentrate on the upkeep of your home. 

Luxury Items

Extravagant art collections, high-priced jewelry, and other expensive luxury items are not covered under homeowners insurance.

Defamation of Character

It does not cover slander and defamation of character but does offer personal liability coverage in some instances.

Business-Related Claims

If you are doing business within your home, your homeowners insurance does not cover for business loss, no matter how small.

Ordinance or Law

If your home is not up to the standard building code or regulations, you are not liable to file claims for damage or the cost of upgrading to meet new building codes.

Identity theft, pools, trampolines, and aggressive dog breeds are some of the other exclusions of a home insurance policy, though some service providers offer it.