Tips to Review Your Homeowners Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 12, 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live. Homeowners in Tampa, Florida, need to be aware that the pandemic has also changed the risks they need to protect themselves against when it comes to homeowners coverage. The right Tampa homeowners insurance can help you save on hundreds of dollars of house repairs and rebuilds. This can save you precious finances, which are vital during these trying times. How should I revise my homeowners insurance to fit my needs during the pandemic? Continue reading this blog from HH Insurance Tampa Bay, FL to find out. 

Consider Remote Working Property Coverage

If you are working from home now, you may have brought your office equipment, furniture etc. home to create a dedicated office space. If your employer doesn’t have a remote insurance policy, you’ll need to ensure that these items are covered under your homeowners insurance Tampa policy.

Insure Home Against Child-Induced Property Damage

With kids forced to be indoors almost 24/7, there’s a very high chance that boredom will lead to boisterous behavior. In such cases, there is a higher risk than before, for damage to property. You need to check your current Tampa homeowners insurance clauses to ensure you’re sufficiently covered.

Keep Job Security in Consideration

Many companies have either shut down or downsized due to Covid-19, making job security an issue in Florida today. This is why you need to purchase a Tampa homeowners insurance plan with flexible terms and friendly premiums, so you can afford to keep paying your insurance. The professionals at HH Insurance are glad to help you select the best insurance plan that fits your family’s needs today. 

Insure Everyone’s Property at Home

Many families have brought their aging parents to live with them during the pandemic, to keep everyone safe. If you’ve done this too, then it’s important to insure their personal property as well. Any damage their property may experience may otherwise cost you a lot in repairs/replacement.

Reduce Add-Ons if Your Property is Not Being Rented

Certain add-ons are typically added to homeowners insurance in Tampa FL when you rent out a property. Yet, the pandemic has reduced travel significantly causing fewer people to visit Tampa, Florida on vacation. This means your rental business might have suffered a bit. When purchasing or renewing your homeowners insurance Tampa Bay, FL, be sure to revise your terms so you don’t spend on unnecessary add-ons.

How HH Insurance Can Help?

At HH Insurance, we have helped many homeowners in Tampa, Florida, to revise their homeowner’s insurance policies. This has enabled them to meet the new needs of the pandemic lifestyle. Our experts will speak with you and propose a revised homeowners policy. You can look into it and then decide. Contact us to schedule a conversation about homeowners insurance in Tampa, FL.