Tips for a Safe Pool Year-Round

December 13, 2021

Florida weather seems to have been specifically designed for enjoying your pool year-round. A well-maintained heated pool can be fun for the entire family almost anytime in our tropical climate. However, while the luxury of a pool is worth the spend, ensuring you take the precautionary steps to keep your family safe while using the pool is crucial. This especially reigns true during the hurricane season and the floods that come with it. To protect yourself from some of the dangers of owning a pool follow these easy tips and talk to a flood insurance Florida agent about your options.

Build A Barrier

Did you are required to have at least a four-foot barrier around your residential pool in the state of Florida? This regulation actually serves a variety of reasons that can protect you and your home. The main reason is to prevent drowning. Families with little children can rest assured that a protective barrier around their pool makes it difficult for their little ones to accidentally fall in their pool while playing unattended. A barrier also keeps the pool safe from the environment around it. Alligators are known to take a dip in residential pools and can cause thousands in damages to your home if they are provided access to it. A well-built barrier can also provide you protection from overflow damage caused by flooding. Overflown pools can be detrimental to your home and cause thousands in damage to those who don’t have flood insurance Florida.

Inspect Regularly

Florida’s ground is made up of sedimentary substances such as limestone that is ever-changing. This change can lead to natural disasters such as sinkholes to happen. In months with heavy rain, this process can be sped up especially when the area experiences a flood. Inspecting your pool regularly for cracks and irregular signs of wear can save you thousands and protect your home from further damages. Having flood insurance Florida, should your pool suffer from a catastrophe and flood your home, you will know you are covered.

HH Insurance | Flood Insurance Tampa

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