Spanish Tile Roofs and Their Benefits

December 3, 2021

Spanish tile roofs aren’t just a great way to beautify your home, but they are a great way to keep your home protected from the elements. On average a Spanish tile roof can last between 50 to 150 years. For most Floridians having a Spanish tile roof can help protect your home from the unpredictable hurricane season and more. To insure your investment, reach out to your local Tampa homeowners insurance agent and find a plan that covers your new roof and all its incredible benefits.


Spanish tile roofs are the most durable roofing option available on the market today. A well-maintained roof can last as long as the home it protects. Spanish tiles are built to withstand a variety of different disasters that homeowners insurance Tampa Florida covers. This style of roof is designed to combat natural disasters such as hurricanes, hail, and even seismic waves caused by shifts in the earth. They are also designed to handle issues that can stem from within the home such as fires.


Unlike roofs made of other materials, Spanish tile is made of sustainable environmentally replaceable sources. In most cases, Spanish tiles are made of natural materials such as clay and concrete, which are recyclable. These materials along with their shape make them perfect for the Florida weather as they naturally work to ventilate air. In the summer they reflect the harsh rays of the sun and can keep your home cooler. Investing in energy-saving roofs can help reduce your overall costs and makes having Tampa homeowners insurance a must for your home.

Other Benefits

Along with sustainability and durability Spanish tile roofs, have a few extra benefits. Namely, the ease of the roofing process as a whole. This style of roof on average is much simpler to install, meaning your home will be ready in less time than that of a regular shingle roof. Along with being easier to install, Spanish tile roofs are easier to maintain. Compared to the average roof, there is minimal maintenance needed on this style of roof to keep it looking good and overall functional for the life of the home.

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