Prepping your Home for Hurricane Season

September 17, 2020

September is the month that hurricane season is in full form, and these vicious storms are not seeming to let up on Florida residence and surrounding areas. Your home is one of your largest investments, so knowing how to protect it should be at the top of your list. With HH Insurance your homeowners insurance Tampa FL policy can be tailored to your specific needs for preparation of the current hurricane season and the many more to come. You deserve to have peace of mind that your family and most valued items will be safe under your roof, continue reading for 6 tips to ensure just that. 

Review Homeowners Insurance Tampa FL Policies 

With the ability to personalize your homeowners insurance policy to fit your specific needs, it is important to go through your policy ever so often to make sure that what you have in place still makes the most sense and if any additional areas can be covered to guarantee all of your assets are covered in case of disaster or emergency.

Consider Flood Insurance

While reviewing your insurance policy, you read that your home is covered in case of damage caused by a storm, but does that include the flooding during and after the storm hits? Storm surges tend to be one of the most devastating aspects of a hurricane and having the extra coverage could make a large difference in the aftermath. Contact a HH Insurance agent today to review what flood insurance could do for you and your home. 

Take Inventory of your Property

In the case of high winds, floods, or any other disastrous weather, having a record of all of your possessions each year will allow you to know exactly what will need to be replaced after the fact. Documenting your property with videos or pictures, then storing them somewhere secure and waterproof for safekeeping will ensure that your assets are accounted for and covered by your homeowners insurance Tampa FL.  

Restore your Roof

The roof can potentially be the largest opening of your home and having broken or lost shingles can create a world of damage in the case of a storm. Having your roof inspected to establish if there are any missing or damaged areas, or even going the extra mile and getting your roof redone can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with storm preparation. There are additional waterproofing options available when redoing your roof to gain extra protection. 

Seal Windows and Doors

Something this small can’t be affected by a hurricane right? Wrong. Weathered seals, especially in hot climates, start to crack and peel. When it starts to rain sideways during a hurricane, that moisture can get in these areas and cause expensive damage to your property such as mold and rot. This is such a simple yet important step in prepping for any rainy season that your homeowners insurance Tampa FL wants you to remember. 


Landscaping isn’t just to make your yard easy on the eyes, it is also imperative to the safety of your home. Hurricanes bring some of the fastest winds your home will experience, and with those winds come flying debris. If you have a large tree hanging over your house, or dead limbs in the backyard, make sure to clear those areas of any possible objects that can be picked up or come crashing down on your home. 

Hurricane season is no joke, and HH Insurance of Tampa, Florida is here to assist you in your preparation for safe and comfortable living. Contact us today to learn more about personalized insurance plans and more.