Keeping Mold Out of Your Home

August 27, 2021

Mold can impact any home, no matter where you live. However, it can pose a huge problem for the citizens of Florida. Mold thrives in moist, humid environments, so Florida is a perfect place for mold to grow. It can cause structural damage to homes, evoke asthma or lung problems, and even cause sickness. Ingesting, through breathing or eating, can cause multiple health problems in humans and pets.

Mold can end up inside and outside of homes, offices, and just about anywhere, but the world won’t end if you spot a few mold spores! There are ways to prevent and kill mold to prevent it from growing back. HH Insurance, a Tampa homeowners insurance company, can help you protect your home in the event of an emergency, you can help prevent structural damage and illness in your home by getting rid of mold as soon as you see it. Here are a few ways to prevent and get rid of mold in your home.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can get rid of moisture in your home, which will help with controlling mold growth. You can put them in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms, basements, and garages. They’re fairly easy to clean and manage, too!

Dry Up Spills and Get Leaks Fixed

Spills and leaks can encourage mold growth fast. If you spot a spill or leak, it’s imperative to get it fixed and cleaned as soon as you can. You can call a local plumber to help you get it fixed and keep it from leaking again. Depending on how the leak was caused, a Tampa homeowners insurance company, such as HH Insurance, can help with the costs.

Improve Airflow in Your Home

Stagnant and moist air in a home can help mold grow. Basements and sheds with little ventilation are prime locations for mold growth because those areas have poor ventilation and can usually be dark. Adding a fan and putting in a screen door can help ventilate the area better.

If You Spot Mold, Clean it Up Fast

Even if you end up with mold growth in your home, you shouldn’t panic. It doesn’t mean you’re a dirty person or keep an unclean home; it can happen to anyone. Mold can cause more and more problems as it grows and spreads, so if you spot a spore, clean it fast. However, it takes some intense chemicals to clean mold. You’ll have to use a bleach/water solution┬áto get rid of it. You can also hire a local mold removal specialist to help with the bigger spots.

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