Homeowners Insurance in Tampa FL Myths

July 27, 2020

If you want to give your Tampa home long-term financial coverage and protection, homeowners insurance in Tampa FL is something you must have. Homeowners’ insurance policies offer protection for your home against several unfavorable situations that may lead to property damage.

However, there have been several misconceptions and myths about homeowners insurance that have been doing the rounds over the years. Read on to know four such myths and how the truth is radically different.

Coverage of Homeowners’ and Their Families’ Injuries at Home

Many homeowners believe that homeowners insurance in Tampa FL will provide coverage for the injuries that they or their family members sustain at home. However, the truth is quite different. Most homeowners’ insurance policies only cover medical expenses of injured guests.

Standard Policies Cover All Types of Damage Caused by Water

Leaky plumbing inside your home may result in property damage caused by water and in almost all circumstances, standard Tampa homeowners insurance policies will cover such damage. However, if you want added protection from potential water damage from external sources such as sewers and heavy rains, you have to purchase additional policies. 

Homeowners Insurance Policies Protect All Personal Belongings

Every home has numerous personal belongings, and in case some of them are damaged, stolen, or destroyed, you can expect some form of coverage to be provided by the insurance company. However, costly possessions such as cars, jewelry, and electronic devices are generally not covered and homeowners need to purchase additional coverage for these belongings.

Exaggerating Losses is No Big Deal

Policyholders often fear that accurate claims will not be covered adequately by insurance companies. It is this fear that leads them to file exaggerated claims, which a lot of people think is completely fine. However, when the truth is revealed during the investigation of such claims, the trust between the insurance company and the policyholders goes for a toss. As a consequence, every new claim filed by such policyholders is viewed with doubt and suspicion. 

So before you begin looking into homeowners insurance in Tampa FL, learn the truths and rid yourself of the misconceptions. View our list of homeowners insurance policies and get in touch with us if you have any questions.