Home Insurance in Florida

April 23, 2020

Home insurance is one of the most critical insurance policies that your money can buy. You never know what’s about to happen and when disaster may strike, so the best precaution you can take is to simply invest in an affordable home insurance Florida offers that provides you with all the protection you deserve.

If you are planning to buy a Florida homeowner’s insurance policy, the smartest decision is to listen to professionals. With so many options and countless sources telling you different things, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your best options. So, here is what you have to know.

What Does Your Home Insurance Protect You Against?

First, it helps to understand what a standard home insurance policy shields you against. Depending on your policy, your scope will differ. Usually, home insurance policies cover most disasters, with the exception of flooding and earthquake. Moreover, the normal wear-and-tear of your house that takes place over time is not backed by home insurance.

Here are the key components that a basic, affordable homeowners insurance policy covers:

  • Dwelling

If your insurance covers dwelling, it means that it would pay for any damage or destruction that your house, or unattached structures and buildings, face.

  • Other structures

This includes other structures in your property apart from your home, such as your garage, swimming pool, or deck.

  • Personal property

This includes the properties found inside your home, such as furniture, appliances, and clothing, that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

  • Loss of use

As the title suggests, this covers your additional living expenses in case you cannot stay in your home as a result of covered loss. Usually, about 10 to 20 percent of the amount of the dwelling coverage is paid by Florida homeowner’s insurance policies.

  • Liability

Liability covers any financial losses that you may incur if you are sued and found to be legally responsible for an injury or damage to someone else’s property.

  • Medical payments

In case someone is injured in your property, this covers any medical payments that you may be legally required to pay.

Custom Quotes Built Just for You

For residents of Florida, some coverages are more important than others, considering the conditions of the state and other reasons. We understand that a standard homeowner’s insurance may not always be the most suitable choice for you, so we ensure that you have the flexibility to explore custom quotes built just for you, depending on your needs.

In most cases, we find that there are two coverages that Florida residents prioritize. Since the state is susceptible to tropical storms, Florida flood insurance and wind insurance are vital coverages that you need to prioritize.

Trusted providers of Florida homeowners insurance and rental property insurance Florida, like us, always work to make sure our customers have all the information they require to make the best choices. Get in touch with us today to get customized quotes and other affordable home insurance insights that you might be looking for.