Holiday Disasters: What Your Homeowners Insurance Should Cover

November 10, 2020

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and Elf are all holiday classics that provide hours of entertainment for the entire family. These movies also show just what type of disasters can unfold throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Unfortunately, mishaps during the holidays are all too common in the real world and are no laughing matter. But if you have the proper homeowners insurance Tampa FL coverage, you can minimize the financial damage of most disasters. HH Insurance, your best option for homeowners insurance in Florida has provided a list of ways your holidays could turn to havoc, and your insurance can cover it.

  1. You try to roast chestnuts… and you burn your house down! 
  2. After everyone is tucked away with care in hopes that St. Nick soon will be there… and thieves steal the presents under your tree!
  3. The Amazon delivery man is here with a sack full of presents… but trips over a holiday decoration!
  4. Your yard is merry and bright with lights and decor… until a fuse breaks and generates a  fire!
  5. Your Thanksgiving meal gets too wild even for the turkey… and one of your guests drunkenly falls down the stairs!
  6. After Black Friday shopping you leave a gift bag in the back of your car for safekeeping… and the Grinch smashes your window to destroy Christmas!
  7. One of Santa’s reindeer goes astray in your home… damaging your furniture!
  8. The Polar Express loses its tracks… and runs into the side of your home!
  9. That white Christmas that your children have been wishing to see forever… concaves your garage! 
  10. Your elf on the shelf decides to escape out the window… leaving your home open to water damage!

While the holidays are supposed to be filled with fun, love, and laughter, sometimes the scrooge’s of the season and the unpredictable weather get us down. HH Insurance is here in the case of a holiday home emergency with great homeowners insurance Tampa FL coverage! 

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