Halloween Home Safety Tips

October 15, 2021

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for children. Getting to dress up in a costume and carrying around loads of free candy, but it can also be scary and dangerous out there in the dark. There are a lot of great safety tips for kids to stay safe and parents have peace of mind when their kids are out trick-or-treating. There are also great ways to make your home a safe place for anyone who is out at night. Here at HH Insurance, your Tampa homeowners insurance agency, we want to help people make sure their home is ready to handle Halloween.

Use LED Candles Instead of Real Candles

Fire hazards are very real around the holidays, especially Halloween. Candles can create an ominous atmosphere and can be a great touch to make any room or house look a little spookier. However, they pose a large fire hazard. With kids and families walking up the walkway and homeowners rushing to pass out candy, it’s easy to brush against a flame with a cape or knock one over. To avoid any accidents, use LED candles and lights.

Turn On Your Porch Light and Any Floodlights You Have

While the dark of the night makes it feel more like Halloween, it can also create an unsafe environment for pedestrians. Lighting up your house will not only make it easier for people to see the walkways and decorations, but it also lets people know that you’re home and passing out treats. This can also keep anyone from hanging around after curfew. Tampa homeowners insurance, like HH Insurance, can help you find lights that will be useful all year round.

Keep Pets in a Safe Location

If you’re actively passing out candy, the door is open fairly often. This can allow for an opportunity for pets to run out. It can also scare some trick-or-treaters or trigger allergies. It’s best to keep pets away from the open doors and in an area where they aren’t able to escape.

Keep Walkways Clear of Decorations or Wires

While decorating for Halloween is a big part of the holiday, it can create tripping hazards if they’re put too close to the walkways. Try to keep the sidewalks and stairs clear of any hidden wires and decorations. You can add a creepy ambiance by adding fencing or barriers to keep people moving in the right direction.

Add Safety Features and Fix Railings

Make sure that all of your railings are stable for parents and kids to use. You can also add slip tape to slippery steps, reflectors on the edges of sidewalks and railings, and keep an eye out for anything hazardous.

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