Flood Insurance – Why Do I Need It?

June 29, 2021

Flooding is an unfortunate reality for most of us living in Florida. We experience it year-round, but it’s especially bad during hurricane season. In fact, all throughout the Southeastern region of the U.S., Americans are experiencing flooding daily. So – let’s talk about why you need flood insurance.

Flood Insurance – What Does It Cover?

Before we dive in why you need flood insurance from homeowners insurance Tampa Florida, let’s discuss what exactly our flood insurance covers. All policy forms from HH Insurance provide coverage for buildings and contents. Flood insurance is the number one way to protect yourself from devastating financial loss. There are two plans that you can choose from coverage at a preferred rate or a standard rated policy.

  • Coverage at a Preferred Rate

Coverage at a preferred rate is optimal for citizens living in low-risk areas. The Preferred Risk Policy premiums are the lowest premiums available through the NFIP. Building and contents coverage starts at just $119 per year.

  • Standard Rate Policy

Homeowners insurance Tampa Florida standard rate policies offer separate building and contents coverage. This is especially ideal for citizens living in high-risk areas. Both our General Property Form and our Dwelling Form provide flood insurance on contents if you have purchased this optional coverage.

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Living in a state such as Florida, you are already at an increased risk of flood damage. With flood insurance, you can be sure that you and your belongings are covered. We strive to protect you and your family from financial disaster – that’s why it is pertinent for you to obtain flood insurance from homeowners insurance Tampa Florida. All of our forms come with a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase before your policy goes into effect. That’s why now is the time to get flood insurance before hurricane season comes into full swing!

HH Insurance | Tampa, FL

HH Insurance wants to help you and your family stay safe year-round, but especially during hurricane season. Now is the time to obtain insurance that will prevent you from significant financial loss. If you have any questions regarding flood insurance or any of our other policies, visit our website. We’d be glad to speak with you about plans that work best for you!