Coverage of Rental Property Insurance Florida

May 12, 2020

HH Insurance can provide you with the best rental property insurance Florida has to offer. While coverage may vary, most policies typically cover the structure or dwelling, loss of rental income, liability coverage, and property belonging to the landlord. Rental property insurance Florida is different from homeowners insurance in that it offers coverage for the risks of having tenants on your property.

Dwelling Coverage

Rental property insurance covers damage to your dwelling, or the structure of your home, such as damage to your walls. It will not cover your tenant’s personal items inside the home. Damage caused by covered perils, such as windstorms or fires, will be covered by your policy, but make sure to understand exactly which perils are covered. 

Landlord’s Personal Property

Rental property insurance will not cover personal property of tenants living in the home, but it often covers items left at the home by the landlord. For example, if the landlord left any items behind and they were damaged by a fire (assuming that fire is a covered peril), your rental property insurance will cover the damage. When searching for rental property insurance Florida, check whether property coverage is included and to what extent. It may only be offered as an endorsement. Other times, coverage will function as appliance insurance in which only damage to property that is used to service the apartment may be covered, such as a washing machine.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you from any legal and medical costs associated with injury occurring on your rental property. This means that if someone is injured on your property and you are being held responsible, rental property insurance in Florida can cover the costs up to the policy limits. You may also invest in umbrella insurance if you wish to increase your coverage for your rental property.

Loss of Rent Coverage

If a covered peril deems your property uninhabitable, loss of rent coverage will provide protection against lost rent payments. Coverage for loss or rent typically extends up to a defined period of time. It does not always come with rental property insurance in Florida, so double check your policy if this coverage is necessary for you.

HH Insurance

At HH Insurance, our team is focused on providing a world-class experience to you and meeting your needs to be a great insurance partner. We work with exclusive insurance markets that deliver you better coverage at the lowest rates. Get in touch with us today to get the best Florida rental property insurance rates and coverage. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions.