Commercial Crime Insurance Protects Florida Businesses

February 17, 2021

Crime can be a serious threat to your business, whether it be internal or external criminal acts. Without commercial crime insurance, business owners have to assume responsibility for losses from crimes such as petty thefts, burglary, and robbery. HH Insurance, your local provider in homeowners insurance Tampa, understands that it’s impossible to monitor your business all the time. That is why we’re here today sharing some tips on how to prevent criminal acts at your business. 

Alarm System 

As your leading provider in homeowners insurance Tampa, HH Insurance is very familiar with the benefits of an alarm system. Having an alarm system installed is often an effective way to intimidate any potential burglars, and it allows business owners to keep an eye on employees. The price of an alarm system will vary depending on the specific needs of your business. However, we recommend purchasing one that can be monitored from anywhere through your smartphone so that you can have peace of mind while away from your business. Additionally, your provider in homeowners insurance Tampa may offer better crime insurance rates for buildings with alarm systems since they’re less likely to be broken into. 

Control Keys 

Keep track of all keys that are given to employees, and make sure that keys are returned when employees leave your company. Remember that the fewer keys issued to employees the better in terms of people having access to the assets of your business. Personalized key fobs may be a better option for your business since they outline specific areas of the building only certain employees can enter. 

Love Thy Neighbor

There are many benefits to becoming friends with neighboring businesses, with one of them being that they will likely watch out for your business whenever you aren’t around. We recommend finding a few local business owners that you trust and exchanging contact information. This way, you can let them know when you won’t be at work for a while, and they can watch out for any suspicious activity surrounding your business. 

HH Insurance | Homeowners Insurance Tampa 

Crime insurance is necessary for all business sizes and types. HH Insurance, experts in homeowners insurance Tampa, believes you can never be too safe in protecting your business. If you are a business owner, our commercial crime insurance can prevent you from taking the rap for crimes you didn’t commit. Contact HH Insurance to inquire about our crime insurance policy and protect your business today!