Changing The Stereotype

At HH Insurance, we are setting out to change the sterotype of insurance agencies. Most people  have had an insurance agent where simple service requests can take over a week. Our theory is  that if you wanted an insurance quote tomorrow, why are you calling us today?

We want to be different and earn your business through the principals of service, knowledge and  markets. Our service standard is to start working on designing a custom package for you within  minutes of your original request. Our knowledge standard is to have the most knowledgeable staff in the industry that can answer your questions and design the right package for you. Our principal agent, Jake Holehouse, has earned his Charted Property and Casualty (CPCU) designation which puts him among the top 0.5% of the industry as well as his masters degree in risk management and insurance from Florida State University. Our market standard is to work with insurance carriers that have the financial strength to pay claims and also offer you the best value policy in the industry. When choosing value in insurance, we look to deliver industry leading coverage at the best rate.

We want to earn your business everyday. When is the last time your insurance agent called you to let you know that they found a better rate for you than your current policy? Our guess is that ithas been a couple years. Most clients are forced to call their agent, threaten to leave the agency and then magically the agent finds a better rate. This will not happen to you if you are a client of HH Insurance. We pro-actively look at every clients policy and give you an annual call to let you know what is happening in the marketplace.

Another common thing that we hear is that the agency works hours even shorter than a bank. Our customer service team is here to serve you. We provide industry leading service during and after the sale of insurance to earn your business every year.


Jake Holehouse
President, HH Insurance

We want to earn your business everyday.