3 Important Flood Insurance Florida Tips from HH Insurance

November 10, 2021

Flood insurance is something no one wants to think about, but something every homeowner needs. Depending on the area you live in, flood insurance Florida can be a must-have item in case of a serious flood. With floods costing thousands of dollars in property damage, you’ll want to make sure you follow these key tips to ensure you and your family are covered.

Do I Need Flood Insurance As A Renter?

As a renter, your situation is slightly different than that of a homeowner. Renters are generally covered through other insurances in case of pipes breaking or other water damage. The key here is regarding hurricanes, in the event of a hurricane, renters are only covered for water damages. If you live in an area that receives floods or hurricanes, flood insurance is a must-have.

Have You Purchased Enough Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance policies come in all different sizes and amounts. When looking into purchasing your flood insurance Florida policy, you need to make sure that your policy fully covers all damages and repairs. In some cases, a policy may not cover items such as removing debris or the cost of you being displaced from your home. It’s important to think about all the different aspects that would occur in the case of a flood or hurricane when talking to one of our agents.

Are Preventative Flood Measures Enough?

In short terms, the answer is no. While taking preventative measures can help reduce risk and decrease the amount of damage incurred from a flood or hurricane, they cannot beat the natural elements. No one can predict exactly when flooding will occur or how high the water level will get. Trying to hedge your house against a flood is not a smart move and should always be supplemented with our flood insurance Florida policies.

HH Insurance | Flood Insurance Florida

No one wants to go through a hurricane or big flood. However, being prepared with the right flood insurance Florida can make a huge difference. While taking some preventative measures can be beneficial to reducing risk, these will not protect you in full. At HH Insurance, we can help you take the necessary steps required to make sure you and your loved one’s homes are protected. Give us a call today or check out our website for more details!